Elementary Science Programs

All elementary programs are one hour and developmentally geared for grades K-5.  Choose from the programs offered and you are on your way to “Hands On!” learning for your students!



Whether the Weather –This class is a merry matter review that segues into Hands On! weather experiments. Students will love cloud in a bottle, tornado tubes, and much more! The workshop includes cloud Latin and an introduction to the water cycle. Essential Standards Addressed: K.E.1.1, K.E.1.2, K.E.1

May the “Forces and Motion” Be with You! – Participants will be engaged in hands-on forces & motion activities to include reviewing position & movement words used to describe “where” & “how” objects move and practicing movement using the invisible force of magnets. Wooly-Willy, giant horseshoe magnets and a magnetic experiment will invite learning into play! Essential Standards Addressed: K.P.1.1, K.P.1.2


Amazing Animals – Explore the world of animal adaptations with zoologists, Dr. Bunsen & Dr. Beaker. What are the essentials that animals need to survive? How do adaptations aid animal survival? Through group games and Hands On! activities, we will explore animals adaptations: what they are, how they are used and why animals develop these amazing tools for survival. Essential Standards Addressed: 1.L.1.1, 1.L.1.2

Magical Magnets – Test Newton’s laws of motion through activities involving magnets and explore the unseen force of magnets and the effects of a push and a pull. Essential Standards Addressed: 1.P.1.1, 1.P.1.2, 1.P.1.3

To the Moon and Back – Investigate the visible sky to learn why the moon changes its appearance every day, why objects move across the sky and explore the countless stars including the sun. Essential Standards Addressed: 1.E.1.1., 1.E.1.2.3


The Science of Sound – Our resident musicians will engage participants in hands-on sound demonstrations including the sound wave game, building a model ear, the sounds of a theremin and a grand orchestra finale! Every child will receive something to take home with follow-up activities to reinforce concepts learned in the program. Essential Standards Addressed: 2.P.1.1,


Crazy Chemistry – Learn the fundamental definition of chemistry and engage children with measuring, mixing & concocting! This is a fast-paced journey through the scientific process with hypotheses, observations & changing variables. Children will engage in important science skills like observing, comparing & predicting while they make a brand new substance. Is it a solid or a liquid? All supplies provided. Children will love learning chemistry and taking their creation home. Essential Standards Addressed: 3.P.2.1, 3.P.2.2,, 3.P.3.1, 3.P.3.2

To Infinity & Beyond: Exploring our Solar System – Soar through the solar system and tour the planets exploring relative distance between planets, relative size of planets, and differences among the planets. Students will take home a solar system in their pocket! Essential Standards Addressed: 3.E.1.1, 3.E.1.2

Shoots & Roots – All about Plants! – Become a botanist! Discover the most amazing survivors of the world – PLANTS. Students will be guided through the world of our foliage friends using their five senses to delve into plant diversity and adaptations. Invite your class to a seed party exploring basic botany and ultimate plant survival. Essential Standards Addressed: 3.L.2.1, 3.L.2.2, 3.L.2.3, 3.L.2.4


What’s the Matter with Rocks? – Explore of the world beneath your feet. Participants will get Hands On! experience identifying rocks and minerals and their properties. Rocks and minerals will be examined up close using stereoscopes. How do rocks make soil and shape the surface of our planet? What mineral treasures lie beneath the surface in North Carolina? Students are encouraged to bring in rock samples for identification. Essential Standards Addressed: 4.P.2.1, 4.P.2.2, 4.P.2.3


Fizz, Boom, Science! – Journey through the scientific process with hypotheses, observation, graphing & changing variables. Fizz, Boom, Science! is sure to engage participants in hands-on science demonstrations and experiments that fizz, boom, pop and more! Students will receive a take home science activity to reinforce concepts learned in the program.  Essential Standards Addressed: 5.L.2.1, 5.L.2.2, 5.L.2.3, 5.P.2.1, 5.P.2.2, 5.P.2.3

A Changing Velocity – Travel on a fast-paced journey into a qualitative look at changing velocity. Analyze the motion of a car as it rolls down an incline and create a graph using one axis to represent the distance that an object travels and the other axis to represent the period of time the object is traveling. Essential Standards Addressed: 5.P.1.1, 5.P.1.2, 5.P.1.3, 5.P.1.4



THE SCIENTIFIC FACTS for all Mad Scientists on Wheels Programs:

$150 for 1 class up to 25 students ($6/student over 25);

$90 for same day additional classes;

No cost for teachers/adult chaperones;

Requires 1 adult per every 12 children for assistance & group monitoring;

$25.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your date;

and Additional mileage cost incurred if program is outside of Henderson County at the
rate of .54 per mile from Hands On! to program location and back.

For additional information or to check availability, contact Kay Campbell, Hands On! Education Coordinator. 828.697.8333 or kay@handsonwnc.org





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