Never Stop Learning:  Kids learn about chemical reactions by making ‘oatmeal play clay’


Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 by WLOS Staff on

WLOS — HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — Giving children water and flour may seem like a recipe for disaster. But the mess they’re making is actually letting them learn more about science.

Kids visited Doctor Benson’s Mad Scientist Lab in the Hands On! children’s gallery in Hendersonville. They learned how to make oatmeal play clay, a dough made of common kitchen ingredients.

Benson says the lesson is meant to teach children the basics of a complex subject — chemical reactions.

“They’re learning chemistry by combining two solids and a liquid and making a change in it,” she said. “They started with oatmeal, flour, and water and now they have something that cannot be apart, so they learn about a chemical reaction.”

Doctor Benson said she hopes the lesson will help the kids to develop a love of learning.

She also hopes it will inspire them to explore new things and experiment at home.



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