Hands On!, Co-op celebrate years of partnership

Posted Jan 29, 2017 at 9:53 AM by blueridgenow.com

It has taken the support of many community organizations to sustain Hands On!, the nonprofit children’s museum on Main Street that opened in September 2007. The Hendersonville Community Co-op is one of these supporting partners, and has been for eight years now.

Heather Boeke, executive director of Hands On!, has worked with the Co-op over the years and says, “Our partnership with the Co-op began in 2008 with the Co-op’s monthly BYO-bag program, where customers bring their own canvas or cloth bags when shopping and receive a 10-cent token to donate to charity. Hands On! was one of the two charities picked for the first quarter of 2008.
“Our discussions with the Co-op continued as we worked to create a Hands On! Co-op as an exhibit in the facility. While our visitors are invited to shop or work at our ‘mini co-op,’ we are teaching valuable lessons about healthy choices, nutrition, buying locally grown foods and finances. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Co-op and work with them each year to see how best we can help each other meet our goals.”

Gretchen Schott-Cummins, community outreach coordinator at the Co-op, says, “Cooperation and good food is what we do at the Co-op. The partnership with Hands On! naturally aligns with our guiding principles — especially our commitment to sustainable communities and healthy lifestyles.”

Hendersonville Community Co-op has been in its current location for over a year now and is enjoying their longer hours and expanded space at 60 South Charleston Lane. Learn more at hendersonville.coop.

Hands On! is a children’s museum with the mission to provide “hands on” educational experiences that stimulate the imagination and motivate learning in a fun, safe environment. Visit their website at handsonwnc.org or call 828-697-8333 for more information.


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